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A New World where High Powered Lithium Ion Batteries are strategically affordable.


We are building Lithium Batteries at wholesale cost. So we pass on the savings to our customers across the United States and Internationally … 365 days a year.


The design is compact, sleek and modern feel, UV coated gloss with high-definition polishing on each visual component. Or we can simply state, “it will compliment any environment.”


UL Regulated. UL Standards partners with national standards in countries around the world to build safer, more sustainable products across the world.


We offer immediate assistance for customers to pick the right lithium battery for there needs. You can send a message to us  and we quickly respond in the order it was received.

Lithium Ion 48v Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries take a fraction of the time taken by other batteries to charge. This is one of the main reasons why these batteries are preferred over the others, especially in gadgets and devices that require frequent charging.

Our Lithium Batteries Use the Same Technology As Elon Musk

Civilization is large and people are turning to lithium batteries from Iniji Global to power their lives. Our batteries are used in everything from solar systems, electric vehicles, RV’s, Boats, consumer electronic devices to electric vehicles to radio-controlled toys — and lots in between. The continual — and rapid — decline in solar power’s cost, linked with simultaneous cost reductions in of lithium batteries has placed the entire global energy industry free for cost-restructuring. Using the same technology developed by Tesla in their new #2170 lithium battery, Iniji Global, has become the standard against which all other distributors are measured.

Why Our Batteries Are Special

Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged or Cycled 2000 to 5000 times vs. 500 to 1000 times from a lead acid battery. Charging times are faster and their efficiency rating is nearly 100% vs. 85% for lead acid. Lithium operates at lower temperatures. Our batteries are gaining in unequaled popularity for military, battery electric vehicle, and aerospace applications.

Two Reasons Our Lithium Batteries Are Best

Lithium ion batteries are one third the weight of lead acid batteries. This is vitally important for small objects such as phones but also for cars that require many batteries. Second, lithium-ion batteries from Iniji Global have Superior Usable User Capacity. —Virtually 100% of lithium’s battery is usable capacity vs 50% for lead acid. Self-discharge: A concern with batteries and cells is the loss of storage ability over time. This self-discharge can be a critical issue. One gain of lithium-ion cells is that their pace of self-discharge is qualitatively lower than other rechargeable cells including Ni-Cad and NiMH forms.

About Us

Iniji Global is a world leader in high-performance Lithium-Ion Batteries. Thousands of our customers trust and depend on us for high quality, reliable and safety Lithium Battery technology.
Iniji Global is the distributor of choice for reliable lithium batteries used by multiple agencies in their applications. We provide our batteries to dozens of the top-tier names in boat and RV makers.
For years, we have been transforming the industry with achievements in the forward movement of lithium batteries.
Iniji Global is a name you can trust and count on to be your lasting source for Lithium Batteries.

48v 105 AH Lifepo4

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